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Current goals 290719

Ultimately, my goals are much larger than this and achieving these set of goals allows me to achieve other goals. Listing them here makes me accountable and I do not want to stray from them for too long. 

I will go through my progress and strategy to achieve these goals. I hope to be able to give ideas to other but am also interested in what others do to achieve their personal success! 

Green = Health
Red = Exercise
Yellow = Cooking
Blue = Hobby
Purple = Beauty


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Hello and welcome to my blog! I want to make myself accountable and keep myself on track in the journey in the tough journey we call life.

My name is Lisa Nguyen and I want to share my experiences and life progress to those willing to read about me :). I hope to encourage others to live fulfilling lives as the world has very much to offer. Lisa Chonicles was my username in Snapchat and I wanted to be consistent as Lisa is unfortunately, a common name!

I have a long and complicated list of goals I want to achieve and at the rate I am currently going, will be nowhere near as accomplished as I set myself to be. With the use of social media and technology, I will make myself responsible in living the life I strive for.

Not Just Curries, Harris Park, NSW (Indian Cuisine)

Review: 7/10 - Solid place for Curries & Lassi drink

- Tandoori Chicken is a solid dish when eaten immediately when served.  - Butter Chicken has a nice spicy kick but no mild version, only spicy - Garlic Naan bread is too oily but has a nice amount of garlic - Chicken Korma not my favourite, not sure if it's because it's not my kind of dish or the way it is cooked in this restaurant.
- Mango Lassi - very solid drink!