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Drawing as a childhood goal

As a child, my dream was to be an animator and through that I needed to learn how to draw. It was something I was on and off but never really committed to it. I want to be able to do that so I've started a drawing journal where each day I draw something based on a topic.

So far I'm on Day 20 and have managed to keep up! I don't consistently draw everyday as life gets very busy but I make sure to do enough to keep up.

Looking forward to completing more of this journal!


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Current goals 290719

Ultimately, my goals are much larger than this and achieving these set of goals allows me to achieve other goals. Listing them here makes me accountable and I do not want to stray from them for too long. 
I will go through my progress and strategy to achieve these goals. I hope to be able to give ideas to other but am also interested in what others do to achieve their personal success! 

Green = Health Red = Exercise Yellow = Cooking Blue = Hobby Purple = Beauty

The beginning of food blogging

I love all sorts of food and appreciate the various cuisines around the world. From here I'll start documenting and gather photos of food related information, whether it is through cooking, eating out or just something related to food!

Mr Stone Bowl, Burwood, NSW (Chinese Cuisine)

Review: 6/10** - Some of the dishes need work but the signature ones are very good!

**Currently need to go back to try a few of the other dishes to give a more accurate review.

- Corn pancakes: Reminds me of mochi donuts! It's quite nice but can be a tad oily.  - Xiao Long Bao: Filling is delicious, skin is a bit thick (9 pieces) - Stir Fry Green Beans with shrimp paste: Large serving, flavourful with the use of shrimp paste but this is a dish you can make at home - Cold noodle in homemade pork mince paste: Lack of sauce and is watery - making the dish bland. It's possible to make a better version at home - Wagyu beef with cayenne pepper: A winning dish with tender peppery beef pieces. - Wonton in red chilli oil sauce: Lack of flavour in the filling and the dumping wrap is thick. Also has a peanut sauce which I am allergic to!